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Information An update in regards of CartelMC's future!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Perez, May 29, 2019.

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    Greetings Cartels, I know it has been a while and we are here to give you an explanation of why and what is going on with the server, Cartel. Over the past few months, as previously stated in discord chats, amongst them staff and the community, I (Perez) have been so caught up with proceeding to university, and haven’t had much time to myself, to work on the server consistently. When I do work on the server, I get distracted with other, important things, which then decreases my motivation, and I do understand that this needs to be worked on, and I am working to ensure my motivation and commitment to Cartel is to an optimal level. For TripaloskiSK, he is also in the same situation with me, except he has nearly finished college, so he will and has had a lot of time more recently, and credit to him, he has been working hard with some of the staff and community to ensure that the release of Cartel is successful and the server is at a point where it is stable and can be worked on continuously from release to release. TripaloskiSK has worked tremendously hard through the past weeks to ensure the server is to the community’s liking, by liaising with the players to ensure the best, and finest experience possible for our loyal player base. That work is still ongoing, however, one of our back end plugins, that is the core of our Skyblock server is and has been bug-ridden for numerous months now and we are constantly communicating with the developer to ensure all bugs are crushed and make the core Skyblock plugin as stable and bug-free as possible with all the features that make Skyblock more fun! Anyway, moving on!

    As you may have noticed, me and TripaloskiSK, have been working hard to ensure the website is a place where the community can talk, and discuss the server, have fun and compete in giveaways and games, and understand with the lack of activity from the owners, the forums have become slightly more stale than at the seed stage but we want to recover from that and want our community to be as player-driven as possible but also keeping a safe, and fun experience to partake in. Our website is easy to sign up to, and we want to encourage everyone who hasn’t done already, to do so. You can register just by using your Minecraft username and your email address, and can register at and just fill in the simple form, and confirm your email and then you are set! If you find any issues with the registration process, please contact a member of staff and they will be happy to assist you with that process.

    We have also set up voting links for all of you to support CartelMC and we again, encourage you to go to the following links and enter your Minecraft username to vote for our server, and you will be rewarded with in-game rewards and possibly external rewards such as vote top prizes, which will be announced in due course. The voting links are simple to remember, and when the server releases, you will be able to use /vote and they will be readily available to easily click and access.


    As we continue to progress the server whilst we are waiting for our core Skyblock plugin to be bug-free, we value and encourage any suggestions and feedback you may have to be sent to us via or use the #suggestions channel in the discord server to give us any ideas and suggestions that you would like to be seen and implemented on the server. Note, all suggestions cannot be implemented, only the best will be implemented however, all will be taken into consideration.

    The discord server will be purged of inactive members next week, so make sure to inform your friends of this and get them to open discord and be active on the discord server, as we do not want to purge inactive members that are not inactive. We continuously can see that members are still joining the discord server and we are very pleased with that, but the sky is the limit, so ensure you keep on inviting your Minecraft buddies and tell them all about CartelMC and the bright future it holds!

    We will release an update in due course, and we suspect it will not be long until the core Skyblock plugin has had all the bugs crushed and we are excited about this and will inform you, as soon as this happens. I do not want to give any dates because, I know by me doing so, it’s just giving false hope and we do not wish to do that any further. If any member or community player wants to assist with the server’s progression, submit a staff application on the forums, and we will review and make a team decision whether you would be helpful and could assist in making this server great!

    Thanks for reading and keep a look at this space for more updates soon.

    We appreciate your understanding,

    Perez & TripaloskiSK
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    ya digg
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    Thanks for the update!
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